About Us


The Sims Family Farm

The Sims Farm started its creation at the end of 2017 with the purchase of a home on 30 acres of land with some animals coming along with it. The farm is run by Troy, Mary, and son Shawn. Having lived in 18 different homes throughout the years from big cities such as Kansas City, MO & Milwaukee, WI to small towns such at Lawson, MO & West Plains, MO we had always wanted a farm with some acreage and finally settled down to a farm in Miller, MO where we can enjoy farm life away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. With little knowledge about farming and livestock the learning process was in full swing. We have added several animals to the farm some of which will produce goods & services and others that just help create that overall farm feel. All of our animals are a part of our extended family and are are cared for as such.  

Troy Sims

Troy grew up in a rural farm setting in Arkansas and then worked the apple orchards in Cashmere, WA. Troy went out flying and quickly knew he wanted to be a pilot. The military took Troy into the Army and with a lot of hard work took him into a flying career. Troy went on to serve in the Vietnam war where he flew helicopters. Troy then had a very successful career with the Federal Aviation Administration where he finally retired. He went on to work for Air Evac Lifeteam as an instructor before finally retiring and running the farm. Troy now spends his time building things around the farm such as milking stands and other projects for the animals as well as repairing much needed things around the farm. 

Mary Sims

Mary grew up in Milwaukee, WI where she worked in different factories and raising kids when she finally met Troy and moved out of Wisconsin. Mary then became a stay at home mom where she spent many hours cooking, cleaning, & helping with homework. Mary loved home decorating and helped many people decorate their homes as well as her own. Mary was always planning and hosting parties and get together's. Having never lived on a farm or taking care of livestock, Mary, now tends to the large greenhouse and 2 large outdoor gardens where she has started learning about canning. Mary also helps with animal care such as feeding the goats, grooming the horses, and mucking the stalls. She also works hard on the landscaping for the farm.  

Shawn Sims

Shawn was born in Milwaukee, WI and grew up in Kansas City, MO and graduated high school in Lawson, MO. Lawson is where Shawn realized he loved the small town life but still had a desire for the hustle and bustle of the big city. A few years after graduation Shawn went into the military to serve active duty for the U.S. Army in 2001. On September 9th, 2001 Shawn arrived at Fort Rucker, AL. Just a few days later the World Trade Centers were attacked September 11th . Shawn got stationed in Grafenwöhr Germany where he was able to explore Europe. Upon leaving the military and returning home Shawn struggled to find his true passion. Shawn went from career to career from Air Traffic Control to a conductor for BNSF railroad to in home health care. Shawn finally found his true passion working on the farm with animals. Shawn now spends his time caring for the plethora of animals on the farm from feeding to grooming. Shawn also helps with the gardens during the growing season and any other work that is needed around the farm. 

What The Sims Family Farm Produces

Here on the farm we sell farm fresh Free Range chicken eggs varying in color from brown to blue. We focus mostly on dairy goats where we adopt out baby goats to forever homes. We are slowly growing our dairy goat herd and our farm. If you would like to purchase any items or just stop by the farm to get away from the city and enjoy a day with the goats contact us and set up a time that  you are coming by. We do not have normal business hours as we are usually open to visits  7 days a week from sunrise to sunset but occasionally are away from the farm for errands or other activities. Don't worry if you stop by and we are not here not all is lost. We are only a couple of miles away from Kingsley Field where you can eat at the Hangar Kafe, Take plane and hot air balloon rides, and if your feeling really daring they also have skydiving.  

Miller, MO


Kingsley Field

Enjoy a plane ride or even a hot air balloon ride at Kingsley Field or just sit and watch the planes taking off and landing. Some days you can be lucky enough to find some CH-47 Chinook helicopters flying in to enjoy a meal at the Hanger Kafe.


Hangar Kafe

The Hangar Kafe is a great place to sit down and eat with a plethora of aviation themed decorations. They also have a banquett room for large parties and events. They also have a great Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. Give them a call to see what events they have going on or their hours at  (417) 452-2277 


Ozarks Skydive Center

Feel the need for a little adrenaline rush visit the Ozarks Skydive Center and jump out of a perfectly good aircraft with a little bit of fabric strapped to your back. Don't feel like jumping? That is alright just sit around and watch as the daredevils plummet to the ground and watch their colorful chutes open. Give them a call at 417-882-JUMP /  (417) 882-5867  or visit their website at http://www.ozskydive.com/