The Adults



Gizmo is our "Gentle Giant" the leader of the boys. He was born January 31, 2018 and was a bottle baby purchased from a local goat owner near Joplin, MO. We got Gizmo when he was only a few weeks old. His personality and disposition has made him a wonderful Alpine/Nubian cross addition to our farm.



Noah is a LaMancha/Nubian cross who was purchased from Green Thicket Farm. Noah was born February 27, 2018 and was a bottle baby that knew how to empty his bottle fast. Noah joined the family when he was only a few weeks old. He is a very gentle and loving boy that has a very unique personality. If he is hungry he will let you and the neighbors know about it.



Chloe is the daughter of Delilah that we got at auction when she was a few weeks old. Her momma raised her but she also got a lot of human attention when she was young. She still craves attention anytime she can get it and if she wants your attention she will make sure you hear her. She has become the dominant female of the herd and was bred with Gizmo in 2018 and will kid for the first time around the beginning of April 2019.



 Star is the half sister of Abby and came from Terrell Creek Farms. She was born February 24, 2018 and came to our farm when she was about a week old. She is almost always around her sister who had the same dad and if they are not together they will cry for each other once they figure out they are not close by. She was a bottle baby that grew up with her sister and Noah and was disbudded to prevent from getting stuck in fences and other places. She is super tame and sweet and loves attention. She was bred with Noah in 2018 to kid for the first time the end of March 2019. Star gave birth to twins in 2019 of which there was one boy and one girl. Star was bred with Noah again in 2019 and expected to kid the end of February 2020. 



 Abby was born March 2, 2018 and the half sister of Star and purchased from Terrell Creek Farms at the same time. Abby joined the farm when she was only a few days old. Abby was disbudded like her sister to avoid injury to herself and others. Abby is a super sweet and lovable doe that craves human attention. If you spend all day petting on her and scratching her neck she feels shes in heaven and will follow you around. You can tell when she is upset or away from her sister as she has one of the loudest voices of all the goats but she chooses to only cry out when its absolutely important. She matched Noahs sweet disposition and qualities so she was bred with Noah in 2018 and expected to kid the end of March 2019. 

The Youngsters



Sky was born in March 2019 and is the first daughter of Star and Noah. She has her mamma's markings. Sky was also the first female goat born here on the farm. She is super sweet and loves to have people pet her and scratch her neck. She is very close with the other three little girls that were born here on the farm. She will eventually be bred with Gizmo.



Zoe was born in March 2019 and is the first daughter of Abby. Zoe has the same markings as her dad Noah except she has more tan where he has white markings. Zoe and Sky were best friends from the day they could both walk and see each other. Zoe is not as social as the other goats since she was an only child. Zoe will eventually be bred with Gizmo.



Coral is the first daughter of Chloe and Gizmo. Coral was the only daughter Gizmo had in 2019. She was born in March of 2019. Coral is a super friendly and social girl that wants as much attention as she can get. Her mamma is the herd leader and makes sure that her baby girl gets the attention she needs. Coral was bred with Noah in 2019 and expected to kid the end of February 2020.



Daisy is the first pygmy goat born here on the farm and is the daughter of Caroline that has passed on. Caroline raised and cared for Daisy for a month before passing. Since Daisy was so much smaller than the other goats due to her breed and because she went on a bottle right away after her mom passing she came up and lived with her human family in our house then garage. We knew we did not want her to be bullied like her mamma was so we wanted to find another pygmy goat that was born about the same time as her that could be her herd mate. Daisy was born here on the farm in March 2019. We found another pygmy goat that was born just a few days before Daisy so we traveled up to Kansas City to adopt her. Daisy and Petunia became best friends right from the start and now have their own little Pygmy Palace (a converted shed) and their own yard that they get to enjoy to themselves and don't have to worry about anything except screaming to let us know its time to get fed and screaming because they can see us outside and they think they are one of the humans and they love the attention.



Petunia was born in March 2019 on a different farm and was a twin. Petunia is a pygmy goat and the only goat that was adopted onto our farm in 2019. Her main role here on the farm was to be best friends and sisters with Daisy. Petunia listens to what Daisy says and enjoys running and jumping on their playground in their own little Pygmy Palace.