The Fabulous Five Equine

Whisky & Chessi


Whisky and Chessi are two lovable bay horses that are about 15 years old. Chessi is a mare that was a wild pony on  Assateague Island and part of the Chincoteague Pony Swim. Whisky is our gelding that loves attention and will follow you around anywhere for a little love. They really enjoy carrots or fresh apples off our apple trees.

Fudge & Coco


Fudge and Coco are the most lovable mini donkeys around (we could be biased though). Fudge is the jack that loves hugs and attention. He will let you hold his head all day if you keep petting him. Coco is our jenny and she loves the attention too. These two are almost always within sight of each other and if they want to get your attention they will nudge you if they can or they will bray so loud you can hear them from inside the house.



Albert is our color changing Hinney. He is pretty and white when its sunny but he turns into a muddy mess when its raining outside. Albert stayed with the farm when we purchased it in 2017 and we were told that he was rescued because he was abused. He is still skittish of people when they are too close but will come to within about 8 feet of you and keep that distance at all cost. We have been working with him and he has started to take a carrot or apple out of our hand on occasion.